Harli Jordean

'Youngest Businessman'

in the world age 8yrs - 2011

Founder: www.marbleking.co.uk

About Harli Jordean

This is where you can find out about Harli Jordean, a very young British business man age 10yrs


It all starated in 2009 age of just 6yrs, he had a dream and with a little support from his family his dream became his reality!


The next time your kids has a dream that seems a bit far fetched, maybe you should think again, think Harli Jordean!


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The begining

July 2009 is when it really started, this is when the young Marble King, Harli Jordean, started to collect marbles age just 6yrs, he really enjoyed looking at them, touching them, holding them, studying them and during this particular summer he played and lost all but a few whilst playing marbles for keeps with his friends.


In July of year 2010 he started playing marbles once again as did most of the children where he lived, he got much better and smarter at playing marbles, hence holding on to his very best marbles and even started to win some off the older kids too!


He was really hooked and MARBLE MANIA took hold, with not just him but with many of his friends too, this time to the extent it was his and many others kids favourite traditional play activity during the summer holidays of 2010. The fun and thrill these simple marbles gave them was surprisingly immense.


The Marble KING Mascot bought them, he talked them, he even dreamt about them, he lived to keep hassling his Mum for more and more of them to the extent he started searching the web and purchased some online, he told his friends and his friends did the same too.


Everybody who knows this young man knows he just loves and his made about marbles, his Mum even started to call him the Marble KING!


His Mum said 'You should be known as ‘Marble KING of Britain’ as your just manic about marbles'.


The dream of a Land of Marble where he would be Marble KING started to take shape and Marble MANIA started to take hold...




So, here we are now in 2011 and this enterprising toy marble business started through the inspiration of a young British boy and though young The Marble KING is at present lucky enough to be the Marble KING Mascot for Marble KING, Land of Marble meets Marble MANIA and for Britain, his future destiny is eventually to become an active co-owner and to actively take his throne, to take the leadership in running the business along with his behind the scenes co-partners when old enough to do so. Until then he'll be the face and The Marble KING mascot and continue to enjoy the glory and the fun part or the business and of course to keep playing and collecting marbles!








Each time you choose to purchase a marble product from the marbleking webstore you're helping to make a little man's dream come true, which is his future journey into opening up the largest marble store in the world right here in London, UK...one day in the not the to distant future!


Harli Jordean aka The Marble King (UK)

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